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My name is Steve Benedict and this isn’t one of those automated web sites that seem to dominate the Internet. Car Insurance-Journal provides lot’s of great information about saving money on your auto insurance.

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This site is evolving into a an on-line library of articles about buying car insurance. I have an extensive background in insurance legislation. Please read more in the About Me section of this site.

I will try to make purchasing car insurance much easier to understand. I’ll also provide links to sites that I feel will help you save money and save time on discount, affordable car insurance!  Both of those are such precious commodities!

I find companies for you that will save you money. Discount car insurance allows you keep some of your hard earned money for other things. When you purchase online car insurance , you can choose from many types of coverage.

You’ll find car insurance for teen age drivers, cheap student car insurance, insurance for bad driving records, special event car insurance, no deposit car insurance, collector or antique car insurance, rental car insurance. This is truly the concept of a car insurance supermarket.

In this day and age, it seems silly to have to hunt through 15 or 20 auto insurance sites to finally find one that has the information you need. I work hard at finding articles to write about that have real value and are not just fluff to pack around the ads on the page. The ads here are for good solid companies. They are not in-your-face ads that just annoy you… rather than help you. I try to help you find the best car insurance companies, at the best prices, and then put in links that take you right where you need to go. Make your car insurance policy purchase here, now, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you did your homework first.

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